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To help you get that perfect tan, we have a number of tanning tips and tanning product reviews to help you be informed. If you have any further questions about anything you read, please feel free to contact Judy at

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Choosing a Spray Tan Provider

Judy is regarded as one of Brisbane’s best spray tanners, with many years of experience and countless reviews from satisfied clients, you can be assured of professional service, great products, with time taken to asses your skin type, what “look” you are after & the type of event & level of colour you want to achieve.

Choosing a Spray Tan provider is crucial to ensure that perfect bronze look and not the orange lobster look.   We’ve had countless people come to Designer Tan telling us about their horror story.  Thankfully, we’ve been able to help them get the tan they were looking for in the first place.

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Tips for a Great Spray Tan

Preparing for your Spray Tan
Spray tans only require minimal effort. Just do a good exfoliation on the day or the day before, this prepares the skin by removing the dead cells, therefore the spray tan will last longer and look better. Generally spray tans last about a week. Make sure you don’t wear any moisturiser on the day of your spray tan as this inhibits absorption of the lotion. This also applies to moisturising body wash or soap/beauty bar.

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