Preparing for your Spray Tan
Spray tans only require minimal effort. Just do a good exfoliation on the day or the day before, this prepares the skin by removing the dead cells, therefore the spray tan will last longer and look better. Generally spray tans last about a week. Make sure you don’t wear any moisturiser on the day of your spray tan as this inhibits absorption of the lotion. This also applies to moisturising body wash or soap/beauty bar.

What’s in a Spray Tan?
The lotion is designed to stain the top layer of skin, so once the spray tan lotion has developed, you can do your normal routine, e.g. gym, exercise etc, but anything that removes that layer, e.g. shaving, waxing, exfoliating etc will remove the spray tan. In most cases swimming in a pool or the sea is fine, but warm/hot spas or swimming for a long period of time can fade the spray tan.

How You’ll Look After Your Spray Tan.
At Designer Tan we use only the best quality spray tan lotions and exceptional equipment to ensure you receive the best possible spray tan that will last, look fantastic and suit your skin type and colouring. Our spray tan equipment is meticulously cleaned and maintained for optimum performance.

What to Wear & What To Do
The spray tan only takes about 8 minutes to do and you should wear loose fitting clothing, ensure that you don’t get wet during the developing time and we will apply moisturiser to your palms and clean the spray tan lotion off your fingernails & toenails to eliminate ‘yellowing’ of your nails. We also stock a large range of After Spray Tan Body Care that you can take home or on holidays.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your Spray Tan.
Designer Tan will guarantee that you are happy with your spray tan. With the large range of colours available and our knowledge of what lotion will look best on your skin, there is a perfect spray tan waiting for you.